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Summary: Sheppard/OMC Connor Davids is a shy, quiet scientist who keeps to himself but over time finds he's lonely. John Sheppard is the man everyone wants and everyone wants to be except all he wants is quiet understanding. Can he get that from the new Dr. Davids? Can they both overcome gender to be with each other?

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Updated: 29 Oct 2010; Published: 04 Mar 2009
Reviewer: Joni B (Signed)
19 Dec 2010
Just finished reading this story. It took me quite a while (a couple of months, maybe?), but I think the word count makes this the equivalent of somewhere between 5-10 full length novels. That in itself is impressive!

This was a lovely story, and obviously a labor of love. For me, there were too many favorite parts to list, but here a few:

1. The beginning of John and Connor's relationship, where each is uncertain about what they are feeling and what the other person is feeling. I thought it depicted very well the fragility of a new relationship, and that leap of faith we finally have to make to get what we want.

2. I love the parts where John races to the rescue of Connor. So hot.

3. Too many toe-curling sex scenes to count -- well done!

4. When John lost his memory and Connor was falling apart, you made me cry. So heart-wrenching.

5. I finished the story today, one day after the U.S. Senate voted to repeal DADT. That great news made the final chapter so much more poignant.

Anyway, great story, great characters. Thanks for writing and sharing.

Author's Response: Hey Joni, I\'m so glad you enjoyed it. This story is, and shall remain, my baby, so it\'s wonderful to get such lovely feedback. And I\'m over the moon about the DADT repeal. It was something I had only dreamed of when writing this. Thanks for reading. Cheers, Ace
Chapter 1: Arrival