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Retirement by FlyBoy [NC-17]
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Summary: A simple off-world mission produces a most unexpected result which sends the friends of John Sheppard chasing him around the planet.

Updated: 05 Jan 2011; Published: 01 Jan 2011
Reviewer: Tomsmum1975 (Signed)
15 Jan 2011
Just read the whole story and totally loved it, have to say that O'Neill made it for me though. Your Matt Lorne is very nice too, hope he finds a nice girl.I love the John burnout theory as its so totally plausible and happens in these high stress situations. Am looking forward to the sequel and hoping that it ties up the Atlantis loose ends.

Author's Response: Thank you so much for taking the time to read my story and writing a review. I very much appreciate your kind words and I\'m pleased that it was entertaining. This was fun to write since it seemed to almost write itself - I was just along for the ride.
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