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Summary: Book Two of the series: The Great Below.
After Dr. Gwen Reyes and Lt. Michael Kenmore's accidental run in, Dr. Elisabeth Weir decides to leave what comes next entirely up to them. She as well as Dr. Heightmeyer hope, that if Michael can make a connection with Gwen, it will be the first in many steps to fully integrate him into humanity. The rest of the senior members of the Atlantis expedition however are less than thrilled by the idea of staying out of the two's way. But with Michael under constant guard and Lt. Col. Sheppard assigned to oversee this new aspect to the experiment, most are confident of Gwen's safety and grudgingly relent. (Warning: Minor character death and Adult Themes)

Updated: 20 Jul 2011; Published: 19 Jun 2011
Reviewer: Cyprian Gadigan (Signed)
20 Jul 2011
I like the idea, but what happened to the rest?

Author's Response: Four more chapters are are waiting to be posted. ;) And I\'m currently working on a sequel set during the episode of The Prodigal, flashbacks to relevant episodes in between that and the episode of Michael also with a look beyond after the show\'s finale. This second book is tentatively called Something and so far five chapters I\'ve worked out. But won\'t be uploading the Something chapters till the last four chapters of Everything are posted. Also with the book of Something I think it might be longer than Everything and may spill into a third book...stressing the word may.
Chapter 1: Prologue: Michael
Reviewer: Cyprian Gadigan (Signed)
28 Jul 2011
How sad. Poor Gwen and Michael. I always thought Mike got the shit of the stick, but then he turned out to be such a good Bad Guy for the show. Now its sadder.

Author's Response: I didn\'t want to deviate from the episode just make missing scenes so to speak. But there will be more of Michael and Gwen in the sequel with a few surprises...I\'ll let you know when it\'s posted. :) And yes I think poor Michael got a pretty raw deal too, what the team did crossed a line but I don\'t think they expected it to work so well and were far to optimistic that he could be integrated into humanity.
Chapter 16: Epilogue: Love is not enough