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My obsession with Stargate started with SG1 many years ago and has evolved to include Atlantis. I am a Shep/Liz shipper at heart so my stories all have a subtle dose of 'sparky'. I cannot write angst so don't even attempt it and I think it's only fair that the Atlantis crew have 'time-out' for humour which is ultimately what i aim for in my fics - enjoy
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The Negotiator by Shayz [NC-17]
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Summary: Smlot anyone? (that's smut with a bit'o plot). Sparky for the most part...but not all.

Updated: 09 Mar 2006; Published: 07 Mar 2006
Reviewer: katethegater (Signed)
01 Sep 2006
I've read this so many times but I still think its FAB! I love the idea of girls poker night & that no subject is off limits! ......and of course the hot desk sex is ever sparky shipper's fantasy!
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