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Summary: Two engineers. A shower. Friendship. Sex. 'Nuff said.

Categories: Slash Pairings > Zelenka/other
Characters: Other, Radek Zelenka
Genres: Friendship, PWP - Plot, What Plot?, Vignette
Warnings: Adult themes
Chapters: 1 [Table of Contents]
Series: None

Word count: 1966; Completed: Yes
Updated: 20 Jan 2006; Published: 20 Jan 2006
Reviewer: Keelin (Signed)
19 Apr 2006
So sad! And yet lovely and sweet. I’m sorry for poor Radek and his harsh time in the military service. Hope both get what they wish for in the future and find - until then - happiness with each other. Thanks.

Author's Response: Thanks. If you want to see a happier Radek, risk a look at "The Ghosts of a Christmas Past" and "Moments of Joy". As for Hays, well, we all know what happened to *him*, right?
Chapter 1: Sometimes It Takes A Man
[ - ]

Summary: John Sheppard is determined to bring to ruin the villainous McKay family. But young (ok, youngish) Rodney interferes with his plans. Okay, so this is what comes of reading the Harlequin SGA website which triggers memories of reading a thousand Regency/Historical novels as an impressionable youngster (**eek**, no wonder I'm twisted). The result is this complete and utter cliche **heh**. I make no guarantees as to the accuracy of any of the historical/british terms and settings depicted in this story. They are from my fuzzy memory of romance novels. Nuff said.

Categories: Slash Pairings > McKay/Sheppard
Characters: Elizabeth Weir, John Sheppard, Radek Zelenka, Rodney McKay, Ronon Dex, Teyla Emmagan
Genres: AU - Alternate Universe
Warnings: Adult themes
Chapters: 18 [Table of Contents]
Series: None

Word count: 60366; Completed: Yes
Updated: 30 Jun 2006; Published: 02 Feb 2006
Reviewer: Keelin (Signed)
27 Mar 2006
Oh, this is sooo heartbreaking. The joy and glory, the chance for Rodney to show is genius. To proof his abilities. And then when he has his dreams fulfilled he realizes that it would mean to lose John. John who protected him against his Brother and Father. John who gave him the first friends and feeling of Home ~ever~. John who he has come secretly to love. If Rodney doesn't work for John anymore, how could he stay in his house? Why should John want him to? (Rodneys Fear) And there is also the reality of being alone. Rodney never took care of himself all alone. He lived in the McKay House, in the Sheppard house but never for his own. He doesn't know how to be on his own. Awww… Hope, really really hope they come to a agreement. That Rodney can work with Radek (I simply love how you have put him in this story) and live in Johns House. Its not impossible for Gentleman to live in one home if they are bachelors. Even in the Victorian time. Take Sherlock Holmes and John Watson for example. Beautiful story. I already wait for the next part.

Author's Response: Thank you :) I'm so glad you're enjoying it.
Chapter 10: 10 - Rodney meets Radek
Reviewer: Keelin (Signed)
11 Apr 2006
*/me makes a little happy Beatles sound. ~Love you, yeah yeah yeah, love you, yeah yeah yeah usw.~ Its wonderfull. Its more than wonderfull. Its nearly perfect. You have managed to de-gordeon knot, the Rodney/John sithuation. Now you only have to drive McKay Senior and his older son into ruin, clear what is whith Rodneys younger sister and make sure theres a happy end für McShep. Please??? ~Writes wish list~
Chapter 11: 11 - Conversations

Summary: "You have to remember!"/"What if I don't want to?" Rodney McKay is invulnerable once again

Categories: General
Characters: Elizabeth Weir, John Sheppard, Rodney McKay
Genres: Angst, Drama
Warnings: Adult themes
Chapters: 3 [Table of Contents]
Series: None

Word count: 3080; Completed: Yes
Updated: 26 Sep 2006; Published: 30 May 2006
Reviewer: Keelin (Signed)
31 May 2006
It's good. It's very good. And sad. And promising. And much more. He's not longer Rodney McKay. He's Dr. Sam Beckett (Quantum Leap). Learning everyday about a new ability he possesses. Atlantis loves him. Like the brother of her favorite son, John. She will take care of him. But what is with his position in Sheppards Team? Why do they keep quiet about his military time? How !did! he lose his memory? I hope you will continue soon.
Chapter 1: Invulnerable 1/1

Summary: What would it take to make you want to come back to the one who loves you... Written for prompt # 3 in the LJ sgaslash_22 challenge.

Categories: Threesomes and Moresomes > Strictly slash
Characters: Carson Beckett, John Sheppard, Rodney McKay
Genres: Angst, Challenge, Established Relationship
Warnings: Adult themes
Chapters: 1 [Table of Contents]
Series: None

Word count: 2259; Completed: Yes
Updated: 30 May 2006; Published: 30 May 2006
Reviewer: Keelin (Signed)
31 May 2006
If this wasn't a reason to come home again… I don't know what. Two men who love him, two lively beings to share this live with. Thank you very much for this lovely happy end.
Chapter 1: Dreaming

Summary: Sometimes, it's not too late even when it is.

Categories: Slash Pairings > McKay/Sheppard
Characters: John Sheppard, Rodney McKay
Genres: Angst, Drama, Pre-slash
Warnings: Adult themes, Character death
Chapters: 1 [Table of Contents]
Series: None

Word count: 3015; Completed: Yes
Updated: 01 Jun 2006; Published: 01 Jun 2006
Reviewer: Keelin (Signed)
01 Jun 2006
*cries heartbrokenly* That was soooo sad! He loved him also. And just didn't know it. *sniff* *search's desperately for a pair of red ruby slippers and the key to oz. The emerald city can't lose her finest wizard* John will have to build a real time machine, huh? Radek may help. Pretty please?

Author's Response: i'm sure radek will figure out how to build a real time machine, eventually. then john can go back for real. :)
Chapter 1: 1/1