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At the time of writing this, I'm new to Stargate, but thoroughly obsessed. I've barely seen most of seasons 1 and 2, but season 3 got me hooked.

I'm a McShepper. I'll read a few other pairings, if I like the author, or if the premise intrigues me, but as of yet, I've only written McShep.

I put 'ou's in funny places, and sometimes I spell 'center' as 'centre'. I even pronounce "ZPM" as "ZedPM" - perhaps this is why I love Rodney so much; us Canadians gotta stick together. Even the fictional ones... :P

You can find me on my livejournal [see website link] or at my blogger: , drop by and say 'Hi' sometime, I'm pretty friendly, and don't bite too often. ;P

I'm also fairly active on the forums over at

GateWorld intimidates me, and I kind of avoid it except for interviews, lol.

Hm. I'm 19 at the time of writing, and pursuing a combined honours degree in Microbiology and Biochemistry, hoping to get my PhD in the long run. Not too sure what I'll do with it. Right now, I'm teetering between wanting to do HIV/AIDS research and wanting to be an intelligence officer for CSIS [though maybe only because I want Top Secret Clearance, so that I could maybe find out if the Stargate is real... c.c I'm not delusional, I swear!]
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