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Hello everyone. Would you believe I've only just discovered fanfiction? I know weird or what. I've never written fiction or fanfiction of any kind. I discovered Wraithbait through my ever amazing sis Lilly_Wyatt. And now I'm mad at her for not telling me earlier(she will be getting the cold sholder until further notice as punishment, not that she'll take much notice).

I'm a first year college student. I live in the "Emerald Isles", as my sister oh so sarcastically calls it. I'd have to agree with her, most of the time you can't see the green for all the rain!!

I'm an avid SG-1 and SGA fan. I'm mad about the older episodes of SG-1 aka when Richard Dean Anderson was still a member of the cast. God I'm so fickle!! Rodney Mckay is my favourite character in SGA, you just gotta love him! He was my favourite guest character in SG-1,even though he was an arrogant jerk, actually it was because he was!! Like SG-1's demise after RDA left, I'm not sure that SGA would really be the same without the great David Hewlett, hopefully we never have to find out!! Jeez again with the fickle!!!!!!

So I've decided to try my hand at writing and with any luck, it won't be too cringe-worthy.
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