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I'm not often a writer of SGA fic, but I am a fond reader. :) I will write by request, however (provided that I have time), and am open to recommendations for reading.

Fandoms I typically write for (more often): Fruits Basket, Harry Potter, a few Gundam Wing and Yu Yu Hakushu, plus more. See for more. :)
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Series by shinchansgirl
Summary: Rodney used to have a job in research; John used to be in the military. Rodney used to live alone; John hasn't lived alone in centuries. Rodney used to be human; John used to be human. Circumstances force them together and each has to learn how to cope - both as humans, and as wolves.

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Summary: Rodney paused, and thought through that line. “Okay, first of all, English majors suck and I totally almost failed all my composition classes. I utterly detest putting words into other words so that people won't be offended. What is the cart and what is the horse?” (First "part" is get-together; after that, established relationship)

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