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A Rodney McKay obsessed Canadian who pretends to be an author. Has been using Wraithbait to extend her McKay rare slash pairing non-failures to a larger market. She posts all her beta'd stories on her website and all her stories (including those dismal failures not worthy of being beta'd) on her Live Journal.

lds' definition of McKay rare pairing: McKay/Lorne or McKay/Some unnamed military guy - um, she knows who it is but has kept ids vague as that was how her muse wanted it (so may not actually be rare). This list may expand some day to include other named military types.

lds is crazy as she talks about herself in third person. :D
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Series by lds
Summary: Rodney is not fond of Secret Santa practice, though not necessarily for the reasons some might suspect. Could new experiences change his mind? Originally, a one shot general story written in 2006, sequel ideas would not leave me alone. It will be slash eventually.

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