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have fallen in love with stargate: atlantis and upon running out of fics to read i stumbled upon this site and Lo! i was saved and quite in due time!
besides that... i am 18 (i can vote now! mua ha ha)-- young, impressionable and apt to change my mood with lightning speed as teen females happen to do. i am nothing out of the ordinary really, save for my lack of a coherent thought and inability to talk to someone without earning a squicked eyebrow. don't worry, i'm working on that.
and 'squicked' is SO definately a word.

i'm just going to go ahead and put my disclaimer to whatever i've got in my account so far, as i seem to have forgotten to put it at the front of all my stories... *is sheepish*

disclaimer: me? own stargate atlantis? i'm sorry, but, heavens no, you must have lost your mind.
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