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Technically I've been writing for about 30 years, since I first cut my teeth on an old British Sci-Fi show at around age ten. Since then I've written semi-professionally for several Alternative Spirituality publications and fan magazines. I also write a good deal in connection with my work as a teacher. My first loves, however, in terms of writing have always been Science Fiction and Fantasy.

I divide my time between England and the USA, and write whenever I get the chance. As well as fan fiction, I currently have three original projects under development.
Series by cedargrove
Summary: A virtual season 5 that takes a very different route than the show itself. What if Teyla /isn't/ rescued in time? What if the war between the Wraith and Michael's army escalated? What if the people of Atlantis got well and truly caught in the middle? What if the enemies they faced really were a threat? The very beginning of the series is set in the 'canon' 'verse - after that, to quote Sheppard, "All bets are off."

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