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Series by scrollgirl
Summary: In 2005, Jeannie McKay prepares for the trip of a lifetime: a possibly one-way ticket to the Pegasus galaxy in search of the lost city of the Ancients. SG-1/SGA AU in which Jeannie, not Rodney, as well Sam Carter, Carolyn Lam, and many more female scientists are part of the original Atlantis expedition.

Open: Closed
Summary:  When Ancient technology turns John into a woman for a few days, Cam starts to look at "Joan Sheppard" with new eyes. He quickly realises John is someone he could love... but circumstances soon push them apart.

Pairings: John Sheppard/Cameron Mitchell, references to some canon relationships. Themes include: raising kids, reconciling with family, team love, sexual/gender identities, Alternate Realities, politics both local and intergalactic.

While I've got this entire universe mapped out in my head, it's slow going writing it all down. So far sequels to "Red Ribbon" are ficlets set when John and Cam are together again, raising their son Brendan. For more details, check out my Red Ribbon-verse chart on my LJ.

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Summary: AU in which John Sheppard never joined the Air Force, but Cameron Mitchell's career unfolded exactly as it did in canon. Instead, they meet for the first time in London, England, while on separate vacations.

Parent Series: None
Categories: Crossovers > Slash Pairings, Slash Pairings > Mitchell/Sheppard
Characters: Cameron Mitchell, John Sheppard
Genres: AU - Alternate Universe, First Time, Romance
Warnings: None
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