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I've been writing since I was in the third grade (an epic poem that was *awful*). I was on the staff of The Star, my high school magazine. The long hiatus between then and 1999 was due to time constraints -- raising a family didn't leave me any. (Plus I wrote in long hand, having neither a typewriter or a computer at that time.)

In the late fall of 1999, I wrote my first slash story, Poor Little Rich Boy, in the Love and Human Remains fandom. Boy, did they go at it like manic mink! *cough*

I slash movies (aside from L&HR, Casablanca, The Maltese Falcon, Son of Kong, and Miss Congeniality to name a few) and TV shows (Sentinel, JAG, Crossing Jordan, CSI: Miami), with the occasional book (Laura) and play (Much Ado About Nothing) thrown in for good measure.

My good friend Tony introduced me to SGA, and I found inspiration in the episode Home, resulting in But You Would Do That, Right? and its companion piece, WTF.

I am, as Barry Manilow put it, a hopeful romantic. Happy Endings R Me.

I hope you, kind reader, enjoy the stories.
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