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Hey to everyone who took the time to read all this (nice of ya). This is the first active fangroup-sort-of-thingy I've ever participated in, so I wanna get it right.

Which is not to say I'm a complete newbie to the world of fanfic. In fact, I'm something of a Professional Lurker. I first found fanfic back in...ohh...1999 or thereabouts. It was "The Sentinel", and I can't really remember how it happened, other than I was bored at work and the SciFi channel had just run a Sentinel marathon. I hit the Archive and never looked back.

The thing was, by then the Sentinel had been cancelled, so that active, what comes next, *live* aspect of it was already gone. I was essentially just looting a fresh graveyard (...lovely imagery there, sorry). I played there for quite a while, throughly amusing myself, discovered slash for the first time, (whoo,...lots of blushes, first when I realized what it meant, more when I realized I LIKED it...) and generally had myself a whale of a good time.

And thus it went for several happy, happy years. All the while, Stargate was known to me, but for some reason, it fell off my radar after the first 2-3 seasons. Not really quite sure why, but it seemed to pale for me after a time. So when Atlantis first appeared, I noted it, said "Eh," and gave it no more thought until a fateful day of channel-surfing brought me "Hide and Seek".

In-VUL-narable... :) It was love at first snark. Which it how I come to be here. I've been greedily stuffing myself with every tidbit of SGA (read Rodney) goodness that I could lay my eyes on. And it has been good. But then, a little bit ago, something new happened... :)

A tiny, shivering, half-starved scrap of "plot-gerbil" tentatively looked up at me, and all of a sudden, I realized I've done nothing for *YEARS* but consume everyone else's efforts, taken all their hard work, everything they had to give, and never *once* had I thought to give back to this community that has kept me so entertained, engrossed and occasionally overly-emotional in all this time.

Well, NO MORE! I logged on, set me up a profile, and bought me a big net to go chase down some serious plot bunnies of my very own. How good my hunting skills are remains to be seen, but the effort is finally being put forth to give, maybe just a little, back to all of you who have meant so much to me for so long.

Wish me Happy Hunting!

...Much, much later...


Whoo! Them lil'buggers are quick!

I think I finally got one, but he's on the scrawny side...Let's see if I can make anything of him.

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