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There still isn't that much to tell about me.

I'm still writing a longer story for SGA (one that isn't part of the Finding Emily series currently taking place in the story threat The Photograph). I've also got a second longer fic going as well - called Lonely Hearts in Atlantis (it's a plot bunny that I picked up on LJ).

In regards to what I'll write for SGA? Pretty much anything.

I've got a few Gen stories on the site, and a number of slash stories (one with a hint of het in it). I like writing both het and slash, but when I was introduced to SGA it was from reading a slash story before I'd ever seen the show. So Slash still seems like a reasonable thing in this world. though I really do like my PWPs, I just don't write them for public consumption most often.

Pairings I ship/slash - pretty much anything. But my top few are:
John/Rodney, Teyla/Lorne, Lorne/Parrish, Lorne/Novak, John/Elizabeth, Rodney/Elizabeth, John/Rodney/Elizabeth, John/Rodney/Teyla.

But yeah, I still don't like to leave unsigned reviews, not that I review that often - that's something I should work on since I've read almost every story on this site.

Hope you enjoy my stories, even if some of them don't make much sense, or seem really boring.
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Series by FallenPride
Summary: No one every said that a family had to be functional.

This is the Finding Emily series where you can find the collection of stories related to Emily McKay as established in "The Photograph". This series is not complete, but currently containts 3 completed parts (The Photograph, Finding Emily, and Once and Only 1-5).

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