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A 43 year old slightly insane psychiatric nurse
that hails all the way from bonny Scotland...

I Just adore John and Rodney and I so want to work with a doc like Carson ::sob:: Which brings me to my other pairing. Carson and Stephen Caldwell....

Slash is like a drug! I've written slash for years in a few fandoms because I'm totally facinated by the power exchange between two men when they are in a relationship. Tends to mean I watch my brother and his man constantly the poor lamb ;)

I can't write to save my life and poor Leah my beta has a lot of work to do to make my stories acceptable for the Wraithbait archive cause um they are very strict. She has commented that "full stops are my friend" um maybe I should use more?

I've developed my own little slash site and I what I don't bother Leah with I've kinda decided to post there.
*chuckles* so if terrible grammar does not bother you or the odd spelling mistake because spell check has missed it????

Yahoo IM: iryeqdelta
Beta-reader: No
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