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I write Slash.

Sometimes, I write Gen.

Once, I wrote Het, but I won't torture you all with that- it was REALLY BAD.

Often, I write drabbles.

Almost always, I write fic for my friends. We are a rather diverse group of people, but we are all twisted in our own special ways.

I am very very new to the SGA fandom, and I've not had the nerve to post anything from it yet. Maybe soon though. I would tell you what sorts of stories I tend to write, but for SGA, I don't know yet. My HP stories tend to land either on the fluffy side or the darkside- I'm not really good with the in between there- but I'm not sure that'll remain true for SGA. We'll just have to see.

To read Drabbles and other very short fics from me, visit my InsaneJournal.
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