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Also known as NubianQueen in other worlds. I love Michael and hate that he got so screwed by the Man. May he live forever in AU (or possibly future SGA movies. and yes, it is possible, this IS sci fi we're talking about!)
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Summary: Ever thought what (or who) might have been in Teyla's mind as she stood on that balcony in The Prodigal?

Categories: General
Characters: Teyla Emmagan
Genres: Character Study
Warnings: Character death
Chapters: 1 [Table of Contents]
Series: None

Word count: 616; Completed: Yes
Updated: 22 Nov 2008; Published: 19 Nov 2008

Summary: Just an excuse to write a little M/T lovin'
Totally without plot, unless squick counts.

Categories: Ship Pairings > Teyla Emmagan/Other
Characters: None
Genres: PWP - Plot, What Plot?
Warnings: Adult themes
Chapters: 1 [Table of Contents]
Series: None

Word count: 841; Completed: No
Updated: 16 Nov 2008; Published: 13 Nov 2008