Penname: Dr_Lucia_Zephyr [Contact]
Real name: Dr. Lucia Member Since: 20 Feb 2005
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I am not a author, I am a doctor of fandom. I offer constructive critique to authors with potential for greatness. I run errands for them to help in their stories since I know my way around the fandom very well. I'm a yank, but I've downloaded all the SGA there is to see, so if you need someone to talk to, my AIM name is Lucia I LTanaka.

I do occassionally write, but have no real talent for it. I prefer helping others. My OTP is Beckett/McKay though I read Sheppard/McKay. I'm a slasher, but have nothing against het and read it sometimes as well, along with gen. I read smut but not 'smut-for-the-sake-of-smut'. I enjoy comedy, H/C, and character-based fic.
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