Penname: das_Diddy [Contact]
Real name: Member Since: 25 Jan 2007
Membership status: Member
name: das Diddy, das_Diddy or just Diddy ^^
age: 20 (so old... -.-)
job: lazy student
home (born): Chemnitz, Germany
Home (now): Leipzig, Germany
height: 1,69m (1,80m with plateauboots ^^)
hair: schoulder-lengh,
eyes: darkbrown, bad (have to wear glasses)
blood group: A+
religion: eh? Is that something you can eat? o.รด
favorite color: black, red
favorite food: pizza, spaghetti, asian food, spicy food, sweets (like chocolate or something)
favorite animals: dachshund, cat, horse, eagle, mouse
like: the taste of peanuticecream after a cigarette, rainbows, Johnny Depp, fullmoon, Rammstein, Xavier Naidoo, mangas, "Four weddings and a funeral", "Dogma", "Constantine", Paul McGillion, drawing, reading, writing, sleeping long, daydreams, churches, crosses, angels, silence, summerrain, dawn, my dog Axel, David Hewlett, night, roses, my camelia, my cat Kira, my family (sometimes), Edgar Allan Poe, my friends, cosplay and many other things ^^
don't like: chaos, neonazis, disputes, fanatical,religious people, university (often), people,who try to change me, noise, hip hop, cold, rainy days, orange, some people from my old school and some other things.
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