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I'm twenty years old today, but it feels like I'm just getting used to being nineteen. I like fanfiction in general, but Stargate related most of all, and I think the only story I'm going to post on here is my Stargate SG-1/Stargate: Atlantis series. The one with all the mutants. Fun stuff. I have it all figured out too. How the mutants are found, why they are mutants (of course, you shouldn't look for an answer to that one in the first story, that's a long way off yet. Think season ten, that's how far off), relationships, deaths, character development, etc. This one's gonna take me a while, and I like it.

As for the mutant characters, they're all mine, and though they share powers with mutants you may recognize, you'll quickly discover that they are quite unique. I created them for an original work that you can find on It's called Survival 101

Other than that, I like movies, and books, and chillin with my homies. I have a cat named Sparky, a dog named Harvey, and soon we'll have another dog, whom I will only call Sergeant Tuttle.
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