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I've been in fandom for around 11 years now. Mainly reading. I did start writing back in the beginning...and then I started college and then went on for an MA in English, which killed any desire I had to write because anything I wrote was to the specifications and preferences of my teachers or I'd get my grade docked. Now, well, I can write based on my own desires and whims. I'm loving it. I read Gundam Wing, Bleach, Fake, DNAngel, Naruto, Yu Yu Hakusho, NCIS, Due South (Fraser/Rayk), The Sentinel, Mag 7, Highlander, Buffy, Angel, Numb3rs, Sg-1, SGA, CSI's, Criminal Minds, and a bunch of others.

Criticism, Comments, etc are always welcome. If you like something tell me. If you didn't like something, all I ask is be specific about it. Fixes for mistakes are welcome IF you tell me exactly where the issue was. Flames, on the other hand, are chew toys for my plot dragons.

Pretty much everything I'll write will be slash. Any het pairings will most likely be accompanied by slash ones. AS of now, I'm writing NCIS, a trio of Gundam WIng/NCIS crossover with one that crosses into HP as well. I've been given permission to finish Star's "Strange Fates" and Bittersweet Alias' "Precious and Fragile". I'm Keypointing a Sentinel Fic in which Jim and Blair are dragons. It's a whole universe of crosses that will eventually involve every fandom I read in, hopefully.

I have a tendency to add scenes and details to what I've already written based on the turns the story takes as it develops, which means unfinished works will be posted on my LJ (which is friend locked and has a friending post) as I write them and then posted elsewhere once finished. If you want to read as it develops, then either email me or ask in a review(provide your email please) and I'll provied a link to my LJ. I'm applying for jobs that involve background checks, which is why it is locked.

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