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My real name is Natasha. I'm fourteen ( fifthteen in September!!!) and I mostly write slash and/or comedy. I'm more into dark fics though, but can barely write 'em. Haha. I love writing action/adventure/horror too, so I go beyond SGA, with things like Resident Evil and Doom. Milla Jovovich and Karl Urban forever! Wait... that makes 'em sound like a couple! Nononono... Anyhoo, I'm more into the games then the movies, but I think they did great on them, anyway.

But back to the SGA reality....

I haven't written anything yet, but I really like SGA (more then SG1) so I am going to try. But I'll have to read some fics, first; I have this horribal habit of writing charactors wrong, so that I really have to work on! So, if I do write and post, please don't bitch about it! I suck at it, but I try!

When/if I write fics, it'll be John/Rodney or John/Teyla. Or just plain center around Rodney (he's my fave).
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